Hello, my name is Kristy and I am 22 years old from the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia. Ever since leaving high school I’ve had a constant itch to travel, explore and adventure to see as much of the world I possibly can. So I knuckled down, worked in many retail and hospitality jobs to save as much as I could and set off on small trips in between work, as often as they would let me!

I started “nowgogetlost” to help the fellow traveller gain information and travelling tips to use on their own journeys. Once you make travel your priority, you can make any of your wanderlusting dreams possible!

I hope to inspire and encourage people to “nowgogetlost” all over the world, whatever it may be, solo travel, female travel, budget travel, luxury travel, extreme adventure travel, I hope there is a little of something for everyone here!

So here I am now, 4 years out of school, 2 snow seasons down, over 30 countries later and the travel bug has not faded one single bit! I am currently back home on the Gold Coast from my recent 6 month travelling adventures, now working, saving and dreaming of my next destinations.

I feel like once you start, you can’t stop. And I also have this feeling that I will never be satisfied, my bucketlist will always be never ending and I will always find amazing wanderlusting adventures to dream about and embark on. Thats the beauty of travelling! You create memories you have for the rest of your life! And to me, thats something I could never put a price on.

Thanks for reading! If you have any feedback, opinions or suggestions I’d love to hear them!