Just a short post about our time on Croatia sail, because lets be honest it was a lot of swimming, laying in the sun and drinking all day every day haha. For anyone who doesn’t know, Croatia Sail is a week on a sailing boat that basically involves drinking, drinking and more drinking and is very popular amongst young Australians. Everyone goes absolutely wild, you get to meet awesome people and swim in the beautiful seas of Croatia. Tyler and I booked the one-way sail with Busabout that was Dubrovnik to Split. We got told that doing the loop (Dubrovnik to Dubrovnik or Split to Split – a circle) makes your sailing days a lot longer as you have more ground to cover in the same amount of time and limited time on the islands. I would definitely recommend doing the one-way sail as we had heaps of swim stops, during the day we got to explore the towns and at night our guide would take us to local restaurants and pumping night clubs. We had themed parties on the boat with 1L cocktails, nights out in a ‘rave in the cave’ night club, tequila boom booms at Kiva bar (where you order the cocktail, throw on and old military helmet, and they shake the cocktail by smacking it over your head), dinner at an organic farm/winery, hiked to the top of a castle, got to explore beautiful national parks and heaps more. We left from Dubrovnik and stopped in Sipan, Korcula, Hvar, Makarska, Pucisca, Omis and finished up in Split.

I didn’t take too many photos as we were trying to just enjoy the week and let loose! So here’s a small portion of what we got up to (you will have to experience it yourself to know the rest….). It was the best week ever!

As we finished the week of sailing in Split, it has been on my bucketlist to go to Krka national park and see the amazing waterfalls for a very long time. I would of loved to have had more time to go to Plitvice as well but we only had 1 day before out flight out to Rome. Murphy’s law, we had the worst weather. We made our way out to the park, which is about an hour and a half drive by bus. We arrived there, bought our ticket from the tourist center and got on a ferry to the national park. We headed into the park, saw the waterfall for a maximum of 10 minutes, took a couple of photos and it started bucketing down and we had to leave. It was still absolutely breathtaking but I wish we could of been there long enough so we could swim. There is also a walking track you can do to see the waterfalls from different heights, which unfortunately we couldn’t do, but I’ve heard it is amazing. If we could of, I definitely would of spent all day there. We had to make our way back to Split by taxi because the high tourist season had just finished, meaning less buses and I think it being bad weather didn’t help. Luckily their were about 20 other people at the bus stop in the same situation and we shared maxi taxis to cut the cost.

The day cost us:

Bus – 85 kuna $17AUD each.

Entrance to the national park which includes the boat ferry in – 110 kuna $22AUD each.

Taxi back – 100 kuna $20AUD each

Would have been a little cheaper if we could of gotten the bus back, but hey what can you do!? All in all I’m so glad I got to see this incredible place even though luck wasn’t on our side and it was quite an expensive day. I guess I now have an excuse to go back in the future!

TIPS – No real tips, but be prepared to spend a fair amount of money on the Sail. What we budgeted for the week, went straight out the window haha! Definitely don’t regret it at all, but it’s not a cheap week. To Krka national park getting a public bus is definitely cheaper but can be unreliable, if not there are heaps of tours that go to the park every day if you are okay with paying more money. Get a public bus to the airport instead of the transfer your hotel/hostel will encourage you to get. It only cost us 33 kuna $6.60AUD each for the 45 minute drive, cheap!
FOOD – We had most of our meals cooked for us on the boat, and we were lucky enough that they were all very fresh and healthy. They were also very accommodating to cooking me vegan/vegetarian meals, which was awesome! Eating out can be expensive when on the smaller islands like Hvar, famous for celebrity’s favourite holiday destination like Beyonce & JayZ. We just always opted for the takeaway sandwhich / pizza rather than sitting down in a restaurant.
LOCALS – Hmm from what we experienced locals can be dodgy at night, probably because they know that the tourists come to the islands to party. In saying that we spent most of our time on the boat, but especially at night be careful of your general safety. Once again I had no problems because im always with Tyler but if you’re traveling alone, the locals can see that and use it to their advantage. Our guide actually told us that certain bars in the touristy spots of the islands, target travelers and spike their drinks. Another reason to be careful and not do things like walk back by yourself etc!
MONEY – See previous post ‘8 hours in dubrovnik’.




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