We arrived in Dubrovnik from Athens late afternoon to a stinking hot day in the middle of the old city. We made our way to our hostel (recommend Hostel Sunset Dubrovnik, thanks hostel world – best app ever!), settled in and cooked our go to cheap dinner (pesto pasta) easy to make and you save way more money than eating out! See first picture below of our view from the hostel! With only having an 8 hour day to explore the city (before starting our sail) we definitely made the most of it, here’s what we got up to!

We caught a shuttle into old town (run by the hostel at a cheap price) and found the ancient city walls. They date back to the 10th century and were built to protect the city by stopping invaders and provide the best views over Dubrovnik! When we got there it felt like it was 50 degrees, it was ridiculously hot, so we decided to go for a walk and come back later in the afternoon to walk the wall (best decision ever haha).

We found a local ferry and decided to hop on to Lokrum Island which is about a 10 minute ferry and cost us 80kuna each ($16AUD, kind of expensive but cheaper than a tour/private boat) and once you’re in the national park you’re free to do what you like. It is such a nice escape from the busy city, we could of spent all day there! We walked around the island, went off the beaten track (like we always do) and stumbled across a huge cliff that Tyler wanted to climb down and swim in the crystal clear waters (giving me daily heart attacks since ’13). We also found a nude beach, a cafe and heaps of other nice swimming spots. If you have the time, spend the day here, walk around the whole island and #nowgogetlost! It’s just beautiful!

We came back around lunchtime and we were starving, had a quick bite to eat and we were on the go again (read “food” below).

By the afternoon it was a bit cooler and we decided to head to the ancient wall. It cost 100 kuna each ($20AUD) for entry onto the wall and I would recommend allowing a couple of hours to leisurely walk around the wall, stop take photos etc. You can even find a hidden door that leads down to a rock bar and you can watch the locals cliff jump (or do it yourself if you’re game). After walking around the entire wall 2km later,  I was blown away with all of the amazing views! Something you definitely cannot miss while in Dubrovnik! And if you’re a Game of Thrones fan I’m sure it will not disappoint.

TIPS – Pack lots of water, seems like a silly tip but it’s so damn hot! The town wasn’t built in a way to allow a breeze through the city so in other words it’s a sweat box haha.

FOOD – If you do eat out, eat off the main square! It seriously pays to spend 10 minutes walking to find somewhere cheaper (unless you aren’t on a budget then splurge on the fresh seafood restaurants along the water). But Tyler and I hiked the many stairs on Dubrovnik and found a much cheaper place to eat with free wifi, win win!

LOCALS – In Dubrovnik we didn’t really interact with the locals much, as we were mostly just running around doing our own thing. But if we had a question and stopped someone in the street I’m sure they would have been happy to help.

MONEY – Currency is Kuna and Croatia is NOT part of the schengen zone so it isn’t part of the 90 days Australians have in Europe, even better! I found Croatia in general quite an expensive country so we tried to make a conscious effort to find cheaper places to eat or make our own food wherever we had a kitchen. Also buying fruit/muesli bars as snacks helped!

I absolutely loved this town (probably more than split, and split seems to be everyone’s favourite!). I would love to know if anyone has found other cool things to do in Dubrovnik, let me know in the comments below!

Next up my crazy week on Croatia Sail + Krka waterfalls!


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