A bit of an insight to our week in India! After traveling to Delhi, Jaipur & Agra, eating curry for breakfast, lunch & dinner and getting extremely lost everywhere we went, we had a very unique experience! India was very very different to what I expected, whether that is a good or a bad thing (I’m still yet to decide), but the Indian culture amazed me. Rainbows of colours and people everywhere create a chaotic yet calming atmosphere. Apart from the Taj Mahal, I felt like we were in completely untouched cities with tourists nowhere to be seen. Scary and confronting at times but also a rare experience I feel lucky to have encountered on my travels.

PICTURES IN ORDER OF – We decided to do a city tour whilst in Delhi, as most tourist sights are quite spread apart and wayyy too busy for us to navigate on our own. We got to see some amazing architecture and see the ‘real’ hustle and bustle of India. We visited mosques, forts and ate the best traditional indian cuisine!

Then we made our way to the city of Jaipur by car (about 5 hours) and arrived at our hotel that had a pool (made us extremely happy as it was so hot) and explored the fascinating Amber fort, said to be a copy of the Great Wall of China. We were swarmed with locals everywhere we went with people asking to take photos with us (our guide said they love white skin and blue eyes haha) and others just saying hello. We also explored the city centre and found fruit markets to snack on along the way.

We then moved onto Agra and visited the breathtaking Taj Mahal where we stayed at a 5 star hotel and pigged out on our buffet brekky daily. We managed to score a cracker of a day weather wise and easily could of spend the whole day there just staring! It is absolutely stunning! Finishing back up in crazy Delhi we had a rest and prepared for our next long plane trip.

TRAVELLING TIPS – Biggest tip would be to organise a tour or really really do your research about your trip. You can become so easily unstuck in India! You must organise a VISA before you leave (which I’ll add isn’t an easy process) my travel agent sent our passports to Sydney which took a week and cost us about $200AUD EACH.

FOOD – The traditional cuisine was delicious with incredible flavours! Tyler and I ate nan bread, veggie samosas and curries all day everryy day, was soo good.  I would highly recommend to eat at busy restaurants NO street food (we always ate at our hotels) and to eat vegetarian because it’s really really not worth it to end up with delhi belly!

LOCALS – I found the locals to be confronting at times but once you cracked a smile it was generally okay. I would deffiently advise woman to cover up as much as you can (with the heat it is difficult),  I did everyday and still got stared at like crazy (lucky I had Tyler with me haha). We also had a lock on our backpacks whilst walking around so people couldn’t unzip your bag without you knowing.

MONEY – RUPEE is a restricted currency meaning you cannot bring RUPEE into the country and it isn’t exchangeable when you leave. We cashed a bulk amount of AUD and went to an money exchange when we got there, I would suggest doing that to avoid any hassle at the airport. I found India to be relatively cheap (just like many other countries in Asia) average meal was about $5-$10 AUD depending on where and what you eat and for shopping make sure you always barter!




  1. Love your blog Kristy seriously thinking of doing this in a couple of years with my long service leave of course not your generation but you are giving me some wonderful ideas ✈️✈️


  2. Hi Kristy
    So glad to hear you are having a great time. Your photos are wonderful. I look forward to reading all of your blog posts. We miss you. Love to Tyler
    A Kerri 🙂



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